Call Out Corruption - Phone Bank for Alison Hartson for CA U.S. Senate 2018

Alison Hartson is running a grassroots campaign for Senate to end government corruption and the influence of dark money in our political system. Justice Democrats has endorsed her because her platform aligns with our national platform. She is the only candidate with political organizing experience and willing to call out current incumbent, Dianne Feinstein, as part of that broken campaign finance system and we are going to organize and ensure that she will win in the most progressive state in the America: California Help us make calls to Californians to let them know about Alison Hartson for U.S. California Senate!
This phone bank will be located in the Elk Grove Library meeting room located inside - there will be a sign directing you to the right place. Bring your laptop, its charger, and either a phone or headset/headphones with a microphone to speak into. Water bottle highly encouraged. Snacks will be provided


January, 6 from 5 PM - 9 PM


The address is hidden to protect the privacy of the host. You will find out when you RSVP!


Jesse Ackerman

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