Jeff Beals Phone Banking Script


Hi! My name is __________________ I’m a volunteer with Jeff Beals who is running for Congress in our district against John Faso. Do you know about Jeff?

If NO: Jeff is a progressive Democrat running to take on John Faso and win back a voice for working people. He is a local teacher and former US Diplomat, who has been endorsed by the national organization of former Bernie Sanders staffers, the Justice Democrats.

Jeff is fighting for people power, not corporate power. He stands for Medicare for All and for raising social security benefits. If elected, Jeff would be the only former US diplomat in Congress and he would use that experience to speak out against endless war so that we can use that money here at home for a federal jobs guarantee to build a green infrastructure and end our reliance on fossil fuels. He is tough, experienced and progressive, which is what we need to beat John Faso. Will you vote for Jeff in the Democratic primary on June 26th?

If YES: (continue to supporter question)

Will you vote for Jeff in the Democratic primary on June 26th?

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1 - STRONG Beals
2 - LEAN Beals

4 - LEAN Opponent
5 - STRONG Opponent
6 - LEAN Other
7 - STRONG Other

Support 1 - 2

That’s great! We are on the same page. Would you like a lawn sign for your yard?  

If YES for yard sign: Awesome! Let me get a little more information from you and we will get that right over! 

If NO yard sign: It’s alright - if you find you want a yard sign or anything else Jeff related, please visit!

You can also see everything we are doing on facebook, twitter, and instagram.Can I send you a text with links to our website or social media so you can give us a like or follow?

Thank you for your time and support for Jeff - we look forward to having you join us soon, [voter name].

Undecided/Lean Opponent 3 - 4

It’s alright. Personally, I support Jeff because _____________

[SAMPLE] I support Jeff because I want to send a progressive to Congress who will fight for issues I care about like Universal health care and making the American economy work for working families.

You can see more about Jeff’s plans and the importance of this campaign on our website at

Do you want me to send you a text with links to Jeff’s website or social media so you can find out more information? 

Thank you for your time.

DO NOT Support 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Thank you for your time, we hope Jeff Beals can win your support in the future!